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      Welcome to our website. We are dedicated to provide sports medicine related information/services to athletes, parents, coaches, and anyone interested. The first step toward success as an athlete at any level is to stay healthy and NOT get injured. Even though an injury is not 100% preventable, it is possible to reduce risks of injury by identifying risk factors and correcting them. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., please feel free to contact us.
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We offer various training classes for athletes who are trying to get better. Click on buttons below to register.

Isokinetic Strength Testing
Isokinetic strength test can be useful to identify injury risk factors and deficits that athletes may have.
スポーツ医学に関わった仕事をされている方 (特にPT,トレーナーの方)、スポーツ医学に興味がある方、または、スポーツ選手の方へ。アメリカでの研修/トレーニングに興味がある方は、気軽に連絡どうぞ。単なる質問/疑問もご遠慮なく!!連絡お待ちしています。
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